About School

It sounds like JMD International School in Haldwani has a unique and advantageous location at Unchapul on Kaladhungi main road. Being situated in the immediate foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas and known as the "Gateway to Kumaon," the school benefits from its proximity to nature. The pleasant weather throughout the year further enhances the overall experience for students.
The school's emphasis on providing an unparalleled ambience suggests a commitment to creating a conducive environment for learning. The opportunity for students to connect with nature is particularly noteworthy, as it can have positive effects on their well-being, creativity, and overall academic experience.

By incorporating the natural surroundings into the learning process, the school seems to recognize the importance of holistic education. Using nature to ignite students' minds and inspire their imagination can contribute to a more enriching and joyful learning experience.
Overall, the combination of a strategic location, pleasant weather, and a commitment to utilizing nature for educational purposes positions JMD International School as a unique and potentially inspiring institution for its students.


  • Well- Qualified and Devoted Teachers.
  • Focus on speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Focus on Cultural Values and Ethics.
  • School under fully HD CCTV cameras.
  • Transport facilities with CCTV cameras and female staff.
  • Regular Yoga, Vedic Maths, ABACUS Classes, Dance, Music, Aerobics Classes.
  • Smart Learning through SMART TV.
  • Daily Computer Learning for students individually.
  • Good Sports Facilities.
  • Day Boarding Classes.
  • No Admission and no annual maintenance fees.
  • Individual attention for students.
  • Well equipped Science Lab.
  • Play Group with motherly environment having activities to boost up kids using play way methods.
  • Well researched Curriculum with English Speaking Program.
  • Well furnished, colorful classrooms for pre - primary classes.
  • Trained & Qualified Teachers.
  • Personal and Intensive care of slow learners.
  • Creates a Solid Foundation for Future Development.

It's wonderful to hear more about the features and facilities of JMD International School in Haldwani. Here's a detailed summary:

Location Advantage: Situated at Unchapul on Kaladhungi main road, the school benefits from being in the immediate foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas. Haldwani, known as the "Gateway to Kumaon," adds a scenic and geographically advantageous backdrop to the school.

Weather and Ambience: The school takes advantage of Haldwani's pleasant weather throughout the year to create an unparalleled ambiance for learning. The emphasis on providing students with the opportunity to connect with nature indicates a commitment to holistic education, aiming to ignite minds and inspire imagination.

Security Measures: The campus is covered with CCTV surveillance, ensuring a secure environment. The Wi-Fi facility and security checks at the entrance contribute to the safety and technological advancement of the school.

Attractive Campus: The large parking area and playground, surrounded by lush greenery, add to the visual appeal of the campus. This creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for both students and visitors.

Well-Equipped Classrooms: Classrooms are furnished with comfortable furniture and equipped with modern amenities, including E-learning facilities. The presence of a computer lab, indoor-outdoor games, canteen, and mess facilities suggests a comprehensive approach to meeting students' academic and recreational needs.

Transformative Learning Experience: JMD International School is dedicated to providing a safe, caring, and reliable environment for students. This commitment reflects a focus on creating a transformative and revolutionary learning experience, indicating a holistic approach to education that goes beyond academics.

Overall, the combination of a scenic location, modern facilities, emphasis on nature, and a commitment to student well-being positions JMD International School as an institution dedicated to providing a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.